College students using online dating

04-Nov-2017 12:50

But post-breakup, daily boosts of confidence from hot strangers were a welcome reprieve from all the crying.’” his About me section read.

In one picture, he was smiling like a goofball with a Chihuahua hanging out inside his shirt.

When I wasn’t crying, I was writing blues music with a weird bearded guy I met from Whole Foods, posting embarrassing amounts of poetry to Tumblr and consuming an inordinate amount of chocolate. Maybe the hole was the person I had lost, or maybe it was boredom.

I reminded myself on a daily basis that life would go on. Maybe it was both, mingled with an insatiable curiosity about this easily accessible virtual world of prospective boyfriends.

Even if you’re on the same campus, you’re still missing possibly thousands of people that you may not talk to, have classes with, or even live on the same side of campus as.

Online dating just gives you an extra look at people that you may be passing by every day.

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You’re in college, surrounded by thousands of new faces and you’re ready to find that special someone.Or perhaps you’re not looking to date someone on your campus.You can use apps and websites to look for people in a different town or different states if you plan on relocating or if you aren’t having any luck around your area.I knew at that point that dating apps are not as nightmarish as people make them out to be.

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Whether you’re looking for a relationship or a casual hookup, you have to set boundaries–meaning open communication about your needs, expectations, etc.

However, dating in college can be complicated depending on the type of school you’re going to. Online dating has many forms, such as chatting anonymously, on an actual dating website, or even an app on your phone.

They are looking for online flirtation, for something casual, and for discreet relationships.… continue reading »

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