Is taylor swift dating t bone

16-Oct-2017 22:39

But that’s not what bothers me; I really like the lyrics, but the dubsteppy beat is really distracting. This is the only Christmas song Swift covered in her holiday collection that actually made sense.It’s a love song, fit for her demographic, and a rite of passage in Pop Princess Christmas Cover Land.This was the first song where she showed the world how intimately detailed and relatable she could really be. If you ever feel clusterfucked by life, please do yourself a favor and listen to this song.I picture Swift jotting down the hook of this song during an award show run-in with John Mayer back in the day -- she dated this guy for three months and wrote some of her best love songs as a result. If you think 19's too young to be writing a song of this caliber...Over the course of her 10-year career, Taylor Swift has shown herself to be a lovesick teenager, an internet cat mom, a revenge-seeking songstress, a full-blown New Yorker, and a brand ambassador for fiery red lipstick. Swift has the gift of making her intimate diary entries relatable and scalable to the masses.In honor of her 27th birthday, we've ranked every official release from her profound music catalog.It's not really believable because of what a powerhouse Swift is.Most OK-we-get-it-you-need-to-meet-a-tracklist-quota lyrics: The "Trouble" video is like a bad version of "We Found Love" by Rihanna.

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The chemistry is off, which makes sense, given that Zayn is dating one of Swift's best friends.

The most heavenly Christmas song of all time, completely slaughtered.